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NaSoAlMo 2011, Day 5

November 5, 2011 | Comments

OMG! For the first time in all of my days, I made a pork roast that falls apart and melts in your mouth. I wanted carnitas (shredded pork) and found this recipe. I was skeptical because my roasts NEVER fall apart (no matter what cut of meat, no matter whether it's in the slow cooker or oven, no matter how long I cook it). Today, all that changed.

I also made coconut flour tortillas. They aren't really good as tortillas because they tear easily, but they're good as a bread substitute.

I also roasted a pumpkin. smile

Carnitas, Coconut Tortillas and Pumpkin

I started a new song using the drum program I got for Christmas last year. I made a very simple drum track except that it toggles between 4/4 and 5/4 time throughout. Then I put a repetitive bass track in and one repetitive electric guitar riff. I think this song is going to be very annoying. smile

Tomorrow, I need to write some weird vocal parts. This is going to be an experimental song for me. I'm not sure I like it.

Something I Watched on TV Today

Texas vs. Texas Tech

good to see you posting! nice site change, too.

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