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NaSoAlMo 2011, Day 6

November 6, 2011 | Comments

Today, I tackled lyrics for the quirky song I started yesterday with drums, bass and electric guitar. I liked it better this morning than I did yesterday.

The verses are very regimented with space for 3 syllables per measure, so I sketched out what it would look like in my notebook (where X is a beat with no words):

x  _  _  x  _
_  _  x  _
x  _  _  x  _
_  _  x  _

I figured if I could get some words to fit in those blanks, I'd know what the song was about. I tried a trick from prior years that really never worked before. I went to Wikipedia and clicked Random Article. I must have clicked 25-50 times before I landed on Fatherland Front (Bulgaria). I had pretty much given up on finding something to write about, but the word "resistance" sparked something. In a stream of consciousness, I wrote in those blanks:

x  Resist  x  the
x  urge  to  x  stand
x  too  close  x  you
x  might  fall  x  in


At first, I thought it would be about a lake or volcano, but then I googled "stand too close" and amid the links with lyrics to the Police song, I found a New York Times article about proxemics, the study of personal space. That was it.

Hungry and just having read that Full English Cafe is making their own local British bacon and has new Rooibus tea from across the pond, I headed out for a big afternoon breakfast. I put my headphones on and wrote out the rest of the lyrics.

When I got home, I recorded the vocals and boom, another song finished.


  • NaSoAlMo 1: Count the Sunrises (Finished ~ 4:20)
  • NaSoAlMo 2: Bright Eyes (Disenchanted) (Finished ~ 4:20)
  • NaSoAlMo 3: Personal Space (Finished ~ 2:34)

17:55 to go (I think... time math is so hard)

Something I Saw The Other Day

The other day, I saw something hanging from the Congress Avenue Bridge and was afraid someone had committed suicide. Nope. It's a Bat Cow. (Really... click through to see the picture).

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