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NaSoAlMo 2011, Day 7

November 7, 2011 | Comments

Last night, I recorded a guitar track for another song and today I wrote the lyrics. Before I thought too much about it, some words spilled out: "Tic toc goes the clock." I thought they were throw away placeholder lyrics, but they stuck. It has a childlike quality to it, so my mind was again taken back to my childhood. I remember a kitty cat clock on the wall of a dress shop my mother frequented. So that was the spark.

For an adventure, I drove on the tollway east of Austin just to see what it's like. I also drove to Bastrop to see what the trees look like after the wildfire. I thought the trees would be down, but they are standing tall and black as night.

I stopped at Madam Mam's for soup and to try to flesh out the lyrics. I didn't get far, and I was starting to get a headache, so I lost interest.

I came home and napped and woke up with a worse headache. There should be a law... if you have a headache and you go to sleep, you should wake up headache free.

So I watched TV and played with my iPhone. But I got bored with that and started listening to the song again and the lyrics finally came. I still have a headache as I type this.

Something I Wrote Today

Tic toc goes the kitty cat clock
on the wall of Scoggins and Kay
Swing swing goes his pendulum tail
as momma pays off her lay away

I'll be hiding
Nobody will see me here in the
merry-go-round clothes display

Momma's got errands to run
and she needs a new dress for Sunday
So it's Campbell to Long Point and take a left
and stop at Scoggins and Kay

Tic toc goes the kitty cat clock
on the wall of Scoggins and Kay
Left right roll his watching eyes
as time keeps drifting away

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