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NaSoAlMo 2011, Day 9

November 9, 2011 | Comments

I don't feel like I accomplished much today, but I guess I did. I finished the lyrics for song #5, "On the Strength of Hope." I'm not thrilled with the lyrics but I never have luck starting over. The "on the strength of hope" is great, but all I could think of to surround that is words about doing what's right and keeping on even in the face of defeat. Blah Blah Blah.

Except one verse is about some lady I saw walking across the street with a cell phone to her ear and a purse made of a tapestry pattern. I don't know what her story is, but I made her part of my story. According to the song, though, her next move was unclear.

I guess it's fine, but I want to be able to write lyrics like The Long Winters' "Prom Night at Hater High" or Paul Simon's "Graceland" or Patty Griffin's "Kite." But maybe I do, in my own way. Not every song, but some songs.

I had an idea of where to get ideas for another song. Probably a folky acoustic guitar song. An internet friend from New Zealand has been traveling all around North America and writing about it in her blog. She's had car trouble and even got everything stolen (money, passport, etc.) in New York. No guarantees, but it seems it would be ripe material for a song. Maybe one of those songs that's all verses and no chorus.

"On the Strength of Hope" will probably clock in at over 5:00 minutes.


  • NaSoAlMo 1: Count the Sunrises (Finished ~ 4:20)
  • NaSoAlMo 2: Bright Eyes (Disenchanted) (Finished ~ 4:20)
  • NaSoAlMo 3: Personal Space (Finished ~ 2:34)
  • NaSoAlMo 4: Scoggins and Kay (Finished ~ 3:20)
  • NaSoAlMo 5: On the Strength of Hope (Written, partially recorded ~ 5:00)

9:35 to go (I think)

If I can squeeze out a song about my friend's trip around N. America then I can probably finish the required 29:09 with a cover song. Good show.

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