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Live Oak Cemetery

December 11, 2011 | Comments

I used to drive to San Marcos 1-2 times a month for pizza and coffee. On the way there, I would pass a turn off to Live Oak Cemetery. I always had an idea to turn off and see it... next time. I don't go to San Marcos as often now because I don't eat pizza, so today I decided to make a trip to Live Oak Cemetery for the sake of seeing Live Oak Cemetery.

It was peaceful, as cemeteries are. One grave caught my attention -- a little girl who was born May 1977 and died Oct. 1980. Just 3.5 years old. Her picture was on the gravestone and there were a small Christmas tree and two angels on the ground above it. I wonder who put it there 31 years later.

Christmas Gravestone

Sometimes I visit my parents' graves in Houston. I don't know how to act when I go, really. First, it takes me a while to find their plots, and I almost always give up but then always make myself keep looking. I find them, and I stand over them, and I look at them. Sometimes I move some grass or dirt off of their headstones, mainly because I saw my aunt do that once. I think if there was a bench, I would sit for a while. There's usually a bench in the movies. But to sit on the grass would mean sitting on someone else's grave and that doesn't seem right to me. But I like this ritual better than the alternative of not going at all.

Something I watched today

Pearl Jam Twenty - Great documentary by Cameron Crowe, especially if you love Pearl Jam the way I love Pearl Jam.

When I "visit" someone in the cemetery, I usually tidy up the headstone. I don't know what else you are supposed to do. I mostly walk around and look at the other graves. I like the idea of there being a special place to go and think about that person, but it still seems odd.

I should add that documentary to my Netflix queue.

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