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More Than I Can Chew, NaSoAlMo 2011

December 4, 2011 | Comments

more_than_i_can_chew-200x200.jpg For the low, low price of $0.00, you can download all of the songs I wrote and recorded for National Solo Album Month in November. I named the album in October, thinking it would be short of the goal of 29:09 minutes. In other words, I thought it would be More Than I Can Chew.

I'm happy with the songs and especially happy with "What Went Wrong." It's classic folk rock chick.

I'm also debuting my new music website, Kimp3.net. I've had that domain name for years. Catchy, eh?

Enjoy the music!

brava, kim!

it's hard to choose, but i think i like scoggins and kay the best, probably because i have a very similar memory. i also really like what went wrong and count the sunrises. i can count only one sunrise, though-- when i was in kauai. but it was the best morning of my life. i don't know if i'll ever experience something like that again, but it's nice to have that memory to at least know that it is possible.

i always start feeling bleak in november but your nasoalmos have a way of lifting my spirits. thanks for the music.

i remember shopping with my mom when i was little, maybe 5 or 6 years old, at a women's shop called judys' two (not exactly sure how it was spelled, but it was owned by two women both named judy). i would hide in the middle of the circular clothing racks, pretending that they were my secret hideouts. i loved to see what i would find in there-- a few stray hangers and price tags, of course, but sometimes a penny, or if i was really lucky maybe a dime or a pretty button. i remember that i really liked one judy because she didn't mind me playing like this. the other judy, not so fun. the clothes at the shop were really expensive for our family, so whatever my mom bought there she treasured for a long time. when she was shopping, it was like both of us were in our dream worlds for the moment.

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