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The Politics of Kitty Litter

January 2, 2012 | Comments

The cats who occupy my house have three litter boxes. They don't usually mix pee and poop in the same box. They used to use one for poop and two for pee, but lately, it's been two for poop and one for pee. Every once in a while, though, they'll mix it up in one box.

I can only imagine the discussions they have about this. Does Mr. Orion get upset when he finds pee in the poop box? Maybe take it personally as pay back for some other slight? Or does Mr. Ripley constantly remind Mr. Orion which boxes are for which? And what precipitated the change from 1 poop/2 pee boxes to 2 poop/1 pee box?

A few months ago, I switched from Scoop Away (clumping litter) to Yesterday's News (made from recycled newspaper). The vet recommended this because Mr. Ripley has asthma and the Scoop Away produces a lot of dust. The boys made the switch without a problem and the lack of litter dust is a great improvement for me as well as Rip. My only complaint is that I have to scoop a lot more to ensure I get all the pee pee out. Consequently, I have to buy more than I used to.

Something I Watched Today

New video log (vlog) from my friend Shannon. She's cute and she used one of my songs.

I'm so happy to be included in the entry about catboxes. LOL

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