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The River

February 12, 2012 | Comments

I watched the pilot of "The River." TV seems to be trending toward more scary/creepy TV series that push the envelope. Maybe this one doesn't push the envelope too much, but it's scarier than any TV series I've ever seen. I suspect "American Horror Story" might be scarier given that it's set in a house rather than an Amazon jungle that I'll never visit.

The thing about scary shows with supernatural events is they can make the rules up as they go. In "The River," it feels like a stretch when the characters figure out the rules under pressure and quickly enough to dig themselves out of a deadly situation.

I'll keep watching.

Incidentally, every time I think about this show, that line from Rush's "Tom Sawyer" pops into my head: The river (ba dum ba duuuum, ba doo be doo be, ba dum ba duuuum....).

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