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Internet Fails

March 25, 2012


I like the new show with Ashley Judd, Missing. It's action packed and emotional like 24.

There was an actor in the second episode that I recognized, but couldn't place. I went to IMDb to look him up.

This is what I found:

Cast of Missing

NOT the full cast. I looked all over for the full cast list and couldn't find one. I was on my iPhone, so I thought it was a mobile problem. Some sites and apps have goofy filters for mobile. I guess it's to keep data transfer lower, but it's annoying.

When I looked on the full, desktop site, though, I only found the same list.

I resorted to searching DuckDuckGo.com and found the show on Wikipedia which told me that actor I was looking for is Joaquim de Almeida. Oddly enough, when I looked at him on IMDb, there was an entry for Missing. So why is he missing on the Missing page? Fail.


I was in Vivian, Louisiana on St. Patrick's Day. I saw Tom's Market where they filmed the exterior shots of the grocery store in Stephen King's The Mist.

Tom's Market

It got me wanting to watch The Mist. So I searched Netflix on my iPhone to put it on my queue, if available.

I couldn't find a trace of it. I searched for Stephen King, too, and it didn't appear in his list of movies. Again, I thought it was a mobile device problem, so I searched on my desktop. Still no trace.

This is odd because Netflix used to have a page for any movie I was looking for even if they don't offer it for streaming or DVD. You could even put it on an "I want to watch it when you get it" list.

I'm only subscribed to Netflix streaming and I noticed that all the movies I saw on there were available for streaming. I logged out of Netflix and searched. There it was, The Mist, available on DVD.

So this must mean Netflix filters out non-streaming movies to streaming customers. This is dumb because if I want to see a movie badly enough, I'll sign up for the DVD service. But only if I know the movie is available on DVD! Fail.

Have you Experienced This?

Have you come across this behavior anywhere on the web?

Something I Saw in Texarkana

The Leaning Tree at Spring Lake Park

The famous lake and leaning tree as I sing about in The Lake and the Leaning Tree.

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I like Missing, too.

I took a Trailways bus from New Orleans to Joplin, MO, back in 1976. Stopped in just about every little town along the way. Texarkana was one of them. Vivian might have been, too.

Just the bus stations. We left at about 2PM and arrived in Joplin at about 10:30AM the next day. It was for a foosball tournament that was to start at noon. We didn't get a wink of sleep. Not only were the seats uncomfortable, the bus was constantly stopping and telling us to exit or it was rounding mountain roads on two wheels. Our motel room had a standing shower with a concrete floor. This was in March. When I turned on the shower, ice came out of the shower head. It was miserable. To be young again ... smile