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Days, Weeks or Months

April 14, 2012

My little black cat, Orion O'Ryan, has kidney disease. The exact words the vet said were his "kidneys are failing." When they said my Mom's kidneys were failing, that meant she was on death's door. But I guess a cat's kidneys can fail for a while. He was in the hospital for a few days a couple of weeks ago. Since then, I've had to take him in to have fluids injected under his skin every 2-3 days.

He's a very hungry cat these days. Almost every time I go to the kitchen, he comes begging for food. He has never done that before. This is a good thing, though. As long as he's hungry and eating, he's doing okay.

Just as I did when my Mandy dog was sick with cancer, I want to learn how to bottle up my time with Orion so I can experience it later when he's gone. I know I can't.

I'm not sure how long he will be with me. I guess it could be days, weeks or months. I'll give him as much love as I can.

Orion and Me

Something I read on the internets

The Letters of Note blog published a note from one Rolling Stone wrangler to another with instructions on how best to situate band members at a hotel for their tour's last show in Vienna.

Keep Bill Wyman Away From Keith

It must have been challenging to be a Rolling Stone wrangler.

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Sorry to hear about Orion. Our cat, Crispin, is in early stage kidney failure, too. We tried doing the fluid injections under the skin at home but we were hurting him so we stopped. He's on a special diet and we try to get him to drink as much water as possible. It's all about quality of life now and we're taking the same approach as you. Get Well Soon, Orion.

I've been thinking about Crispin and hope he's doing okay. Orion's hanging in there. He's getting so skinny, but he's still happy and eating a lot. The vet was trying to teach me how to do the fluid injections at home, but I would have hurt him, too, and I don't want that to cloud my memories of him. I'm still taking him to the vet 3 times a week and the ladies there enjoy his visits. Apparently, hanging out with him and giving him fluids is a break from their normal madness.

Yeah, Crispin is skinny, too. He doesn't get seafood any more. He can't tolerate the iodine. Makes him vomit. Unfortunately, seafood was his favorite. Trying to keep his weight up with just chicken, chicken broth, ham, and his special diet isn't easy because he eventually turns his nose up at all of it and will just not eat until he's very hungry. He's drinking water pretty good, though, and he seems to be doing well.