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NaSoAlMo 2012, Day 10, Part II

November 10, 2012 | Comments

Continued from Day 10, Part I

Watching the sound check for Counting Crows was special. They played some songs, but there was no applause. This was a job for the band, and a special insight for the fans.

Below you see Dan (acoustic guitar), Jim (drums), Millard (bass), Adam (vocals), David (electric guitar), and Dave (steel guitar). Charlie is behind Adam on keyboards:

Counting Crows practicing a song

Below the guitarists have switched things up. Dan with electric, David with a mandolin, and Dave with acoustic:

Counting Crows practicing another song

A panorama of the Waller Creek Amphitheater at Stubb's BBQ and the VIPs watching the sound check:

Below, Adam was working with Millard and Charlie on "Monkey." It's the part that goes "I got nowhere but home to go / Got Ben Folds on my radio right now." They did it a bunch of times to work it out and then it was fun to see them do it in the real show... like I had secret insider knowledge that they practiced it a lot.

After the sound check, the band came down and took pictures with the VIPs and signed autographs.

Counting Crows and Me

As I walked over, David Immergluck (right of me) said he liked my Mushroom T-shirt. Millard Powers (left of me) looks like he's up to mischief (he wasn't, that I'm aware).

Below, Adam signs autographs. The guy on the left brought a guitar for the band to autograph.

Adam Duritz signing autographs

I didn't think ahead to bring something special to autograph, so all I had were my VIP pass and ticket. The first person I asked for an autograph was Charlie Gillingham, so I handed him my VIP pass. He noted that it was him pictured on the pass. Wow... it was perfect. No way could I have any of the others autograph it. Here it is next to a picture I took of Charlie during the show:

Charlie Gillingham's Autograph

I asked the other Counting Crows members to autograph my ticket. From top to bottom, I believe are Dan Vickrey, Millard Powers, Dave Bryson, Adam Duritz, Jim Bogios and David Immergl├╝ck.

Counting Crows Autographs

Next up: The concert

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