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NaSoAlMo 2012, Day 10, Part III

November 10, 2012 | Comments

Continued from Day 10, Part II

We, the Counting Crows VIPs, stood in line some more between the Sound Check/Meet and Greet and the Concert. I was in line with youngsters. I always wonder when I'm in situations like this if they think I'm weird because I'm by myself. And I wonder how old they think I am.

The couple of kids in front of me were from Oklahoma and had been to the show the night before at an indian reservation there. They were following the band to Houston the following night, too. I've always wanted to follow a band around.

We were among the first in line and when they let us in, they warned us not to run, that there was plenty of space in the front. The entrance is steep downhill, though, so it was hard to keep a slow pace. People were calling out to us "Don't run! Don't run!" and I yelled back, "I can't help it! It's steep!" I got down to the front and just to the left of center.

Tender Mercies

The first band to play was Tender Mercies. This band includes Counting Crows members Dan Vickrey and Jim Bogios. They had a similar style to Counting Crows.

Here are a couple of pictures:

Mean Creek

The second band was Mean Creek from Boston. They were rockin' and I was inspired by the chick guitarist.

Despite the many pictures I took, I did not watch the concert through my viewfinder. I only pulled my camera out periodically to capture a moment.

Counting Crows

Here are Counting Crows:

Adam Duritz

Below, Adam and David play "The Girl from the North Country", a cover song from their Underwater Sunshine album. In an odd occurrence of cover song synchronicity, Eddie Vedder had played it the night before.

Adam Duritz and David Immergluck

A panorama of the stage during "A Long December":

I heart Charlie and his accordion:

During the meet and greet, Jim asked fans for requests. I requested "Margery" and got a frowny look in return. I'm pretty sure they never play that live, but I still wanted to request it. Despite his frowny look, I told him, "Oh, just write it down." I don't think he did. Here's Jim, not playing "Margery":

Counting Crows Jim

Toward the end of the show, Charlie's daughter came up on stage with a toy accordion to help out the band.

Below, are David Bryson and Adam Duritz. I believe they are doing "Holiday in Spain."

The boy who stood next to me at the concert was a barely 21-year-old who was sooo very into the Counting Crows it made me wonder how he discovered them. He was singing his heart out with the band and caught the eye of Dan Vickrey who gave him a pick toward the end of the show.

On this day, I sat down only once between 3:00 p.m. and 11:30 p.m. and that was in a port-o-potty. Even then, I don't think I sat down all the way. Gross. I didn't have anything to eat or drink during that time, either. Afterward, I went to Kerbey Lane Cafe for tortilla soup and it was the most satisfying tortilla soup I've ever had. I was full of happy again.

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