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NaSoAlMo 2012, Day 5

November 5, 2012 | Comments

I didn't make any progress writing or recording songs today, but I did find pine nuts at Central Market. I visited the doctor and he wants me to get an ultrasound. Perhaps the pain in my gut is gallstones.

About the only NaSoAlMo things I did were to sing through the Curiosity mars rover song (I find I like it pretty well) and to listen to the NaSoAlMo 1 guitar track.

Something I Found Helpful

I wanted to print a calendar for November so I could write down appointments, adventures and meal planning information. I have an electronic calendar, but I find when I'm planning things, it's easier to write and erase and write and erase. I found these printable calendars very easy to use.

The wife and I both had gallstone attacks. Mine advanced to pancreatitis. We've both had our gall bladders removed. Hope you don't need the surgery but it's fairly safe and routine as invasive surgeries go. Good Luck, Kim. smile

When I had it done, I was told not to go back to work for five days and don't lift anything over 20 pounds. About three days into that recuperation, I asked my doctor if there were any other post-recuperation instructions.

"Yeah, don't do anything stupid".

No lifestyle changes whatsoever. In my case, you can't even see the scars any more. Patsy's are a little more pronounced because she's very light-skinned.

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