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NaSoAlMo 2012, Day 8

November 8, 2012 | Comments

I went to Thrice for Day 8's adventure. I ordered a caffe latte and a gluten free chocolate chip cookie. I find gluten free desserts to be too sweet. It seems they overcompensate the absence of wheat with too much sugar. Or maybe the wheat dilutes the sugar and they don't adjust for that. It's not just at Thrice. I got a gluten free mini chocolate cake at Sprouts one time, and the sugar overpowered the chocolate.

When I got my latte, I was disappointed because they didn't have Sweet n Low. I wasn't surprised, though, because they are a true all natural type place. They don't have any artificial sweeteners. Even though I wanted Sweet n Low, I respected them for being true to their all-natural mission. Besides, I should carry Sweet n Low in my purse for times like these. I used honey, but it wasn't the same.

Even with the too sweet gluten free cookie and the non-Sweet-n-Lowed latte, I enjoyed myself. I tried to write lyrics to NaSoAlMo 1 again, with little luck. I came up with another lyric or song idea that maybe I can flesh out later. "If you want to, you will."

When I got home, I had a message from the doctor's office. Gallstone confirmed. So I made an appointment with a surgeon. And started worrying about how I would deal with surgery given that I don't have a dedicated someone to take care of me.

How are you today?

Surprised you're still sore. My soreness went away almost immediately but I'm hardly ever flat on my back so maybe that's why.

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