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Like taking a nap without sleeping

July 14, 2013 | Comments

I've been meditating every day for two weeks now. Before, I thought meditation was purely about learning to clear the mind--that if you aren't able to clear your mind, you fail. Now, I don't think you can fail at meditation unless you simply don't do it. The meditation guide I use says to let the thoughts come, be aware of them and what they are about, and then focus back on your breath or the sounds around you or the sensations in your body. The thoughts come and then they go.

While I'm meditating, thoughts that normally upset me have no effect. It's like I'm a third-party observer.

I'm on the fence about whether meditation has a prolonged effect when I'm not meditating. Like whether it makes me more relaxed or makes me less prone to mood swings or makes me more patient with people.

Yesterday it seemed to have a lasting effect.

Before I meditated, I was a mess... crying off and on all day. Partly because it was a lonely weekend day and partly because recent government political fighting upsets me.

After I meditated, I didn't cry anymore. But I also avoided anything controversial by playing Xbox Lego Lord of the Rings until bedtime. Who knows which helped more? Probably a combination of both.

I've always thought meditation was new age kookiness. But now I think of it more like taking a nap without sleeping. It's better than a nap, though, because after a nap, I feel out of sorts and lazy. After meditation, I feel more in control and productive.

I found this article about mindfulness meditation enlightening: How Meditation Works

And I found this tweet from Andy Richter funny:

Yoko Ono: Imagine two billion universes. Visualize yourself on a planet in each universe. Andy Richter: Why?

Very sorry to hear you're having such a rough go of it. Hopefully, you can continue to find solace in meditation. Whatever works.

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