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Happy New Year('s)?

December 31, 2011

Two people told me "Happy New Year's!" Isn't it "Happy New Year" without the 's?

Today is the last day of the year to make donations and claim them on your income taxes. Goodwill got a box full of stuff from me including two Yoga DVDs. That'll be good for someone's New Year's resolutions.

Merlin: New Year's resolutions. People do these. Dan, do you know about New Year's resolutions?
Dan: This is the thing where you say "This year, I am going to do this thing." And then, for some reason, saying that at the start of the year makes it less likely for you to actually do it than if you just started doing it.

Back to Work 47: Utter Failure and Hotel Steak

Something I Gazed Upon Yesterday

Colorado River Bridge as seen from Fisherman's Park in Bastrop, Texas.

Colorado River Bridge

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Vaclav Havel

December 19, 2011

My father's side of the family was from Czechoslovakia. I don't know their history — why they left Czechoslovakia to end up in Nebraska and then Oklahoma so many years ago. I don't know much about Czechoslovakia even though I have a nearly two inch thick coffee table book called "Czechs in America."

So when I read that Vaclav Havel died yesterday, I don't know why it brought tears to my eyes. One of my friends in grad school talked about him being president of Czechoslovakia. And back in November when I was writing "On The Strength of Hope," I was browsing through famous quotes with the keyword "hope" and he had a few things to say on the subject. Here are a couple:

Hope is not the conviction that something will turn out well but the certainty that something makes sense, regardless of how it turns out.

Hope is a state of mind, not of the world. Hope, in this deep and powerful sense, is not the same as joy that things are going well, or willingness to invest in enterprises that are obviously heading for success, but rather an ability to work for something because it is good.

The article about his death in the Austin American Statesman paints a picture of a great man. I would like to learn more about him and the country of my ancestors.

Something Lily Dawg Wanted To Tell You

Happy Howlidays

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Live Oak Cemetery

December 11, 2011

I used to drive to San Marcos 1-2 times a month for pizza and coffee. On the way there, I would pass a turn off to Live Oak Cemetery. I always had an idea to turn off and see it... next time. I don't go to San Marcos as often now because I don't eat pizza, so today I decided to make a trip to Live Oak Cemetery for the sake of seeing Live Oak Cemetery.

It was peaceful, as cemeteries are. One grave caught my attention -- a little girl who was born May 1977 and died Oct. 1980. Just 3.5 years old. Her picture was on the gravestone and there were a small Christmas tree and two angels on the ground above it. I wonder who put it there 31 years later.

Christmas Gravestone

Sometimes I visit my parents' graves in Houston. I don't know how to act when I go, really. First, it takes me a while to find their plots, and I almost always give up but then always make myself keep looking. I find them, and I stand over them, and I look at them. Sometimes I move some grass or dirt off of their headstones, mainly because I saw my aunt do that once. I think if there was a bench, I would sit for a while. There's usually a bench in the movies. But to sit on the grass would mean sitting on someone else's grave and that doesn't seem right to me. But I like this ritual better than the alternative of not going at all.

Something I watched today

Pearl Jam Twenty - Great documentary by Cameron Crowe, especially if you love Pearl Jam the way I love Pearl Jam.

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NaSoAlMo 2011, Day 13

November 13, 2011

I didn't work on music today and don't plan to tonight. I need to recharge my brain batteries.

I did make beef stew in the crock pot with onion, turnips, cauliflower and celery, though. I forgot to put carrots on my shopping list, or it would have had a little bit of orange to brighten it up.

I unfriended someone on Facebook today. That was in lieu of telling her this:

If I wish you Happy Holidays, it's because I truly care that you are happy through the holidays -- holidays being Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Chanukah, Kwanzaa, or whatever it is you celebrate at this time of year. I am not trying to take Christ out of your Christmas. Well-intentioned, kind, caring words like "Happy Holidays" cannot do that.

Something New I'm Using

I've been using Cozi.com for their shopping list feature for a while now and love it. I can type my shopping list on my computer and access it from my iPhone when I go to the store. I can also add items with my iPhone when I'm not at my computer.

Today, I discovered they've added a meal planner where you can enter recipes (or copy them from another web page with the click of the mouse). You can also click a link on the recipe and it will add all the ingredients to your shopping list. After adding a few recipes to the shopping list, you might have to clean it up a bit (remove things you have on hand and delete duplicate items), but it is such a breeze! And it should help me not forget to buy carrots next time!!

I'm so happy about this. I love you, Cozi.com.

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