How to change a light bulb in a Lowe's Harbor Breeze ceiling fan if the globe won't twist off as expected

Lowe's Harbor Breeze 52 inch Armitage Hugger Ceiling Fan

I have three of these fans. The previous owners of my house installed them and the first time a light bulb went out, I had a devil of a time figuring out how to change it. The glass globe does not twist off as expected. Maybe the fans are defective, but the globes do not twist off on any of them.

To remove the globe, unscrew the three screws holding it on. Below are what the pieces look like when you remove it. You can see the three holes in the part that connects with the fan, and one of the screws on the left.

The globe that covers the light bulb

Fan with globe removed

Here's what the fan looks like with the globe removed. The bulb has one of those small candelabra bases. I bought this expensive energy efficient bulb that lasts 7 years since changing the bulb is difficult.

I hope this helps someone figure out how to change the light bulb if the globe won't twist off as expected.